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Eliminates general yard, farm and stable odours.

Yard Fresh® &Yard Fresh +Plus®

Intended for professional use, Yardfresh® is an effective multipurpose odour remover which uses non harmful and non-toxic chemicals to eliminate general yard, farm and stable odours.

Yardfresh® is not an ordinary cleaning product – its powerful but environmentally friendly formula was originally developed for water authority odour control systems. Superior in performance, Yardfresh cleans and deodorises even the foulest of smells in areas where animals gather and smells linger, such as rubbish collections and toilets.

Safe to use
Yardfresh® is completely safe to use and still performs well when used in conjunction with disinfectants, insecticides or other water soluble fluids. Yardfresh® works by enveloping bad odour molecules in its unique blend and then harmlessly breaks down the odour particles. This effective formula works not only on fresh odours but also those that have persisted for some time, such as dampness. For best external results use Yardfresh® daily or regularly as required, to ensure odours are kept at bay.

Easy to use
A one litre bottle makes over 100 litres of ready to use Yardfresh®. Mix it yourself or make it really easy with our automated hose mixing system. It comes in a choice of original or citrus scent and gets to works immediately to ensure your yard area will be fresh in no time at all.

Yardfresh Plus+® is a multi-purpose disinfectant for outdoor use. Odouriser and disinfectant in one handy product.

Concentrate to be used with 32 parts water. Available in 1 litre and 5 litre refills. The hose end sprayer on the 1 litre bottle will automatically mix 32 to 1 and spray over areas like kennels, patios, bins, floors and much more. An alternative to Jeyes Fluid.

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