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Unblock your drains using the power of live bacteria.

SES® Sugar Eradication System and Micro Drip System

Facilities Managers often turn to harsh chemicals and solvents or mechanical routing in their efforts to clear the blockages formed by waste sugar and starch. However, these methods only damage the pipes further, ultimately resulting in costly repairs and lost revenue from production
downtime. Worst of all, the problem inevitably reappears a few months later. Environmental Biotech’s SES® provides a permanent solution to sugar and starch build-up.

SES® harnesses the power of live, vegetative, non-toxic bacteria in a process called bioremediation. When pumped into drainage systems, these bacteria actually eat the clogs, converting them into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

So the bacteria not only saves you time and money in costly
repairs, they help the environment as well.

Ask about our full programs ranging from 2, 3 and 4 weeks or Micro Dripsystems set for your location.

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