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Waste Water Engineering

Pump Repairs and Refurbishment

We repair, service and supply electric motors for waste water.

Our electric motor rewind workshop is fully equipped to meet the demands of all of our customers, complete with test bed, machining and oven facilities.

Our testing facilities consist of Variable Voltage from 0-415volts AC, Variable Voltage from 0-240volts DC, Baker Testing Hi Pot/Surge Test, and Flash Testing to 5000volts.

All of our customer’s electric motors are fully tested before leaving our workshops.

We have two, fully automatic bake off ovens, which are complete with trolley systems, a drip varnish system, and fully automatic coil winding facilities.

We are also specialists in Freon Resistant windings for air conditioning units.

Whatever the pump type, or size, we will handle the repairs and refurbishment.

We will repair:

• All types of AC or DC motors

• DC for shipping, winches etc

• AC & DC motors for the print industry

• Freon resistant windings for air conditioning compressors

• Frequency changers for the woodworking industry

• Elevator Lift motors

• Escalator motors

• Compressor motors

• Farm machinery

• Submersible pumps

• Progressive cavity pumps

• Rotary Lobe pumps

• Centrifugal pumps

• Vortex pumps

• Swimming pool pumps

• Macerator & Muncher type pumps

• Waste Water Industry equipment & machinery

• Primary & final tank, centre bearings, scrapers, weir plates etc

• Screens – all types

• Screw pump top & bottom bearings

• Gate Valves & NRV

• Rotary Mixers, Aerators etc

• Gearboxes

…and much more.