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East African Safari Rally: Day 5, Rest day
26 November 2013

Day5 Rest Day at Amboseli, Total Distance 2,200km
The service team spent a busy 6hrs from 07:00 giving the car a complete check-over...the sort that you may need after two seasons of rallying in the UK. Aside from the ‘normal’ loose nuts, clips, hoses etc the biggest concern was discovered when replacing the second (non-damaged) TCE. Stress cracks were apparent and the component could have failed over the next few kilometers. Review of other teams ‘wear and tear’ revealed a similar tale as every mark2 Escort were changing the TCE’s as a precaution and some due to failures already experienced.
The technicians of the team identified the likely reason for the failure of the component and quickly suggested an adjustment to the design. After numerous conversations by Andy Nagi (co-dvr and Nairobi resident), two of the team were dispatched to Nairobi for a nine hour round trip to drop off the offending component for an engineering company to produce some modified new ones. Not quite an afternoon off by the pool after all unfortunately.
Highlights of being in Amboseli National Park at 6am are the views of Mount Kilimanjaro with its snow covered peak and the mini-safari en-route to the service area. The team managed to spot numerous wild animals (and some the night before) including:

-          Elephants
-          Monkeys
-          Baboons
-          Thompson Gazelles
-          Buffalo
-          Wilderbeast
-          Giraffe
-          Zebra
-          Hyena
-          Lion
What will the second half of the rally bring for the team? The route takes the crews north beyond Nairobi and into the Rift Valley before returning southwest back to the coast at Mombasa for a Friday afternoon finish.