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11 July 2011

Those businesses responsible for clogging the UK’s drain lines with fats, oils and grease (FOG) will have no excuses with the launch of the GES® Micro Drip System. As a much more affordable version of Environmental Biotech’s award winning grease-gobbling technology, the system has been developed in response to demand from smaller food outlets.
The GES® Micro Drip System simply harnesses the power of Mother Nature to remove 96% of FOG within 64 hours.
The system contains millions of pure live vegetative bacteria which consume grease, sugar and other organics, turning the waste into carbon dioxide and water. In fact, the process, known as bioremediation is one that longstanding clients of Environmental Biotech have been using in a conscious effort to alleviate FOG in the most environmentally friendly way.
Aziz Tejpar, Managing Director of Environmental Biotech, comments:
“Up until now, Environmental Biotech’s grease gobbling technology has been adopted primarily by larger food outlets. Over 1,700 Whitbread outlets including Premier Inn Hotels, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Table Table, Tay Barn restaurants and Costa Coffee, consistently use the technology to address their FOG issues.
“However, as part of our commitment to the environment, we wanted to make the technology accessible to smaller food retailers. Quite simply, the GES® Micro Drip System provides food outlets of all sizes with the opportunity to finally take care of their FOG issues whilst addressing their environmental impact.”
The bacteria within the GES® Micro Drip System are replaced every 7, 14 or 30 days depending on the size of the establishment and amount of fats, oils and grease being disposed of. It is designed to meter and deliver the exact amount of highly concentrated bacteria into the drain line making it simple to use.
Aziz, adds:
“The reason the technology is so effective is that the bacteria are literally at work 24/7. They produce a biofilm in the drainage system so as waste is released the bacteria consume it on contact. This effectively eliminates all offensive odours and costly fines from water authorities.” 
Unlike other products on the market the system does not contain any soaps, emulsifiers or chemicals of any kind so it is safe for the environment. It can also be pre-set to accommodate for a range of clients irrespective of what specific drainage problems might be occurring.