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4 January 2013

When you think blocked drains, most the time fats, oils and grease are immediately blamed, but there are two other major culprits; sugar and yeast found in post-mixers and bar drains across the country. To resolve this troublesome build-up, Environmental Biotech has introduced a low-cost, automatic, maintenance free biological micro drip system known as DrainBlast™.

Rather than turning to harsh chemicals and solvents, DrainBlast™ offers Pub and Restaurant owners apermanent and natural solution to clogged drains commonly caused by the build-up of sugar and starch in soft drinks dispensers (post mixers) and bar drains.

Environmental Biotech understands these sugar and starch build-ups can cause untold damage. The DrainBlast™ Micro Drip System can be subtly installed under the bar area to keep the bar drain clear of sugar and starch build-up and the associated smells that go with it.

Aziz Tejpar, Managing Director of Environmental Biotech, comments:
“DrainBlast™ is as powerful as the name suggests, the reason our formula is so effective is that over 20 years’ research has gone into developingthe billions of multi-strained non-toxic micro-organisms contained in its formula. 

“The micro-organisms produce a live colony (biofilm) in the drainage system so as the waste is released the bacteria consume it on contact;the micro-organisms are literally at work 24/7 to breakdown and consume sugar and starch turning it into natural by-products of CO2 and H2O; a process known as bioremediation.  The non-toxic, solvent free bacteria tackle the problem directly and discreetly ensuring consistent and effective results whilst eliminating associated health and safety risks and expensive repairs.“

Thebacterial solution within the DrainBlast™ system is replaced every 7, 14 or 30 days depending on the size of the establishment and type of organic matter causing a problem.  With its capability to gauge and deliver the exact amount of highly concentrated bacteria into the drain line, the easy to install Micro Drip System makes DrainBlast™ a simple to use and economical option.

Tejpar, adds:
“Contrary to popular belief, not all vegetative bacteria (micro-organisms) are suitable for drain line treatment. Biological solutions using certain spore bacteria are incapable of producing a live colony within the drainage system to keep sugar and starch build-up at bay. “
DrainBlast™ contains no chemicals, enzyme systems, or surfactants (soaps). This makes it environmentally friendly and successful in solving drain line issues the natural way without the need for costly mechanical cleaning.