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Waste Water Engineering

Manufacture and installation by EB of GRP flooring and handrails at an Anglian Water wastewater site.

Various installations carried out by EB Engineering Division at Anglian Water wastewater sites. Also shown, samples of gratings and protruded structural shapes.

Metal Fabrication, Mechanical Engineering and Health & Safety

Mechanical Division

EB’s mechanical division incorporates the fitting, machining, pipe fitting, fabrication & welding workshops. We will fabricate metal to suit the needs of the client.

Our work within the wastewater industry includes repairs either on site or within our workshops to various assets by all manufacturers. This includes, inlet screens, Detroiters, De-waterers, primary tanks, humus tanks, filters, presses, centrifuges, pumps, mixers, gearboxes, pipe work installation in steel, stainless or plastic, etc.

Health & Safety

GRP Flooring & Pultruded Structural Shapes

EB are suppliers and installers of Moulded Fibreglass Grating. The moulded grating is made from continuous glass fibre reinforcement in a combination with premium grade polyester or vinyl ester resins to provide an excellent corrosion resistance.

Our entire fiberglass grating has been tested in accordance with ASTM-E-84 Tunnel Test Method and has achieved a class 1 flame spread rating of 25 or less. Our 25mm grating weighs 12kilos per square metre and the 38mm weighs 18 kilos per square metre light enough to install without the need for mechanical assistance.

Standard Panel sizes are 2m x 1m, 3m x 1m, and 3.66m x 1.22m we offer all users a free of charge cutting service. Strength comparison with steel, for pedestrian traffic and medium loadings fibreglass grating is perfectly adequate, and even on some occasions it can used in heavy load situations.

Price comparison with steel, stainless, and aluminium, our moulded grating is about the mid range of pricing, but the lowest when you consider the “whole life costs cycle” along with the added anti slip benefits.