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Odour Control

Fogging / Sanitising

Simple spray and wipe sanitisation won’t ensure all surfaces have been cleaned. But with the sanitising fogger from EB / B-Environmental-Swisher, the areas where the germs can live can now be effectively sanitised and cleaned, with a few simple steps:-

STEP 1 – Using our B-Sanitized fogger – Place the fogger in the centre of the room, and when ready, push the lock spray into place.

STEP 2 – Leave the room. Ensure that there is no one in the room at anytime when the fogger is discharging. For effective results use as directed.

STEP 3 – After 20 minutes – you can enter the room after the mist has settled, remove the fogger can and dispose of it responsibly.

The room will then be sanitized and all surface areas, walls and ceiling germ free – Not only that, but the room will smell fresh too!

EB / BE Swisher can also carry out commercial fogging using hand foggers or large drum foggers.

If you want a place de-odorised or sanitised – we should be your first choice!

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We can deal with larger areas using commercial foggers with the right content to eliminates many types of germs and viruses. See B Clean and visit for more information.